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the Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS is back in the lab
It took Sony 74 days to repair it ... after I complained after 68 days.

According to the report, they aligned one element. Let's see ...


On the positive side - this was faster than the (rather unsuccessful) service attempt of the 18-55 II over at Samsung (Germany) - they hold the current record with over 3 months plus insulting service personal.
Now lets hope it turns in stellar results to redeem itself Smile

I will test it both on the NEX 6 and 7.

I bought it and was not impressed. Actually every corner looks the same but the contrast is lower than the 24 and the 50. Maybe I will send it back.

Can't wait to see the review.

It's 4th in the row. The Canon 35/2 USM IS is next.

Almost a month without a review now. I'm checking the site a couple of times a day, hoping that the silence is broken someday. Smile

Sorry, I was in tax hell during the last weeks.

Far be it from me to reprimand you: I'm just saying that you have a loyal following that awaits your new reviews eagerly. Smile And of course I'm not speaking for myself only. Smile


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