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Canon EOS 70D is out

And some samples

Well, that's the equivalent of 40MP+ on an APSC sized sensor. I never went the 50D/ 60D/ 7D route after the 40D as I was put off by the noisy 18MP sensors. Still, it will be interesting to see detailed tests at DPR and elsewhere. I should add that as someone who virtually never uses LiveView or shoot video, the new PDAF developments would be wasted on me. I wish Canon had put more of its R&D effort into at least matching the noise performance of the Sony sensors in the new Nikon cameras.

As dpreview puts it, this advancement in sensor tech raises "further questions about why you'd still bother with the bulk of an SLR."

I like looking through an optical (glass pentaprism) viewfinder. Don't want to look at an LCD screen like the P&S guys. Not that I'm enamoured with the bulk of an SLR. I recently got the 6D to replace the 5DII for that reason.

The mirrorless cameras are fine for the point and shoot crowd. And for some street photography photographers. And maybe some who enjoy landscape stuff, too.


I happen to like an optical view finder, and lenses which offer more than what makes sense on a lil mirrorless thing. 

My 70-200mm f4 already will be a mismatch to any mirrorless, ergonomically. Then on my wishlist are a 500mm lens, a 300mm f4 or 100-300mm f4 (or Leica 105-280mm R4.3), a 50mm f1 or f1.2 (or both) and some other stuff. 


I can't understand why some people can't understand that mirrorless is not the bees knees for everyone and everything.... One "bothers with bulk" of certain lenses because those lenses have a reason to be bulky. 


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