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Leica Mini M
Twp surprising news on the Leica website today:


1) they rename their camera portfolio. The compact cameras below the Leica M are now a Micro M (the camera formerly known as X2) and Nano M (tcfka D-Lux).


No comment...


2) They'll announce a new camera called "Mini M" on June 11th. My first thought was they'll introduce an entry level camera to the "real" M system, but this camera is already here (M-E). And given the renaming of the rest of their portfolio, I guess we can expect a system or compact camera with smaller sensor size (APS-C? Or finally mFT?).


They probably lost quite some users to Fuji's X-System and feel the need to answer. Will be interesting to see if the new camera starts a new system, and whether it has AF.


-- Markus


DPR seems to think it will be a FF camera but without the rangefinder - i.e. a FF Leica point and shoot!

Technically, this would be the easiest approach. The advantage would obviously be that the rest of the system is already there.

However, I have some doubts if such a camera would actually be attractive. Without the rangefinder, Leica would cut off one of the definig features of M cameras. And even if it could be produced cheapee than a "full" M camera, it would probably not be cheap. And still lack AF.

-- Markus

I'm not overly familiar with Leica's "lower" offerings, but in a quick look the X2 is an APS-C fixed lens camera. Could the Mini M then be a full frame fixed lens camera, like the Sony RX1?
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Quote:I'm not overly familiar with Leica's "lower" offerings, but in a quick look the X2 is an APS-C fixed lens camera.
Yes, correct. And the compact cameras (D-Lux, V-Lux) are basically rebranded Panasonic cams.
Quote:Could the Mini M then be a full frame fixed lens camera, like the Sony RX1?
Also possible, yes.

-- Markus

Wow, their marketing department has been working overhours I see, copying Apple's naming scheme. With those min and nano additions, I wonder if can/will be sued by Apple.


Also they downgrade their own strong brand, Leica M. The M stood for the M line, for the traditional Leica M range finder born in the 1920's. Now it stands for marketing babble? Maybe April follows May this year?

I would certainly welcome April, the weather over here seems to be stuck in November mode...

It's not Leica's first attempt to copy Apple. They've been doing so for a while with their stores and also tried to imitate the keynotes (not very successfully, though...). Oh, and anyone remember that white M8.2?

-- Markus

Let's hope (for Klaus' sanity) that it's not a completely new system Wink

-- Markus

I recall that Leica made official their collaboration with Apple in terms of camera design. I wonder whether that means complete brand overhaul. I am not Leica user, but I hope Leica maintain their originality and not become iLeica. Plus it is good to know that someone somewhere is different, maintains high quality, and comes with different ideas once in awhile.


Although the new M brought many surprises, I believe Leica is still conservative compared to other mirrorless brands. My bet is on a "mini" with a FF sensor and rangefinder mechanism removed. That's quite an innovation for Leica! Smile ...


But still, I cannot stop thinking of an APS-C body with EVF (rangefinder removed) + AF + a new cropped lens family... Could steal a lot of (potential) FujiFilm customers...




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