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Ideas for newer camera for Zuiko four-thirds sports lens
My understanding is olympus is gonig to offer something(s) by the end of the year. It's not clear if it will be an e-7 or om-d with hybrid focus which will provide e quality focus with the 4/3 lenses. Its not clear from your post if you can afford to wait; if not perhaps a use 6xx series ? To be honest the new 16mp sensor is quite a leap in improvement over what is available in the current 4/3 cameras so waiting is probably the best option (if you can). Unfortunately my guess is that the new bodie(s) will be closer to $1000-$1200 at launch (mind you this is just a guess that might be way off) which seems a bit higher than you want to pay.


It does look like you can buy an e620 for around $320 from b&h (not sure if that is the sort of body you want). I think that is the only cheap option right now; persoanlly I never liked the exxx bodies (poor view finder) and it also has an older sensor.


I believe I've read over at dpreview (which is where i think you should ask this question) that micro 4/3 adapter will work with this lens but focus will be way too slow for sports et all.


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