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Ideas for newer camera for Zuiko four-thirds sports lens
micro-4/3 is not the best system for sports; the caf system does not do a good job of tracking (though if you are happy with videos the gh3 might solve the problem; also sony has a decent video camera based off of the nex system); In addition micro 4/3 has failed (so far) to provide a solid telephoto lens (at the long end). Ignorning the focus issue; optically there is not an equivalent to the 50-200 4/3 lens.


If you can hold out for 6 months I would stick with what you have and see if olympus offers a decent solution; if not canon is probably your best bet but you might want to look at a 70-200f4 lens (or at least check out the weight of the 70-200f2.8 sigma prior to purchase - the olympus 50-200 weight is closer to the f4 than the f2.8). Also on the canon body a 300mm lens is closer to the 50-200 on a 4/3 body (if you are frequently using the long end).


Btw I wouldn't count on the tamron 14-150 being any better than the panasonic or olympus equiv (it might be cheaper). I also do not know your optical expectation - all of the lenses are capable at the long end but (as i said above) they lack the brilliance of the 50-200 (they have less contrast and resolution).


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