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[url=""][/url] - enjoy!
[quote name='Kodachrome 25' timestamp='1347182884' post='19997']

[url=""][/url] - enjoy!


Actually it's an opposite of enjoyment - the bastards seem to have changed the flash hot shoe. Maybe following the industry standard is good for long-term, but this makes my two Minolta flashes obsolete. And the standard flash takes more time to attach/detach.
Changing the hot-shoe back to the 100-year-old design was probably meant to appease the luddites. I guess Sony is thinking this will convince more people to switch to A-mount, otherwise there's no way to explain the rationale of ditching something as ingenious and convenient as the Minolta hot-shoe in favor of a less functional, but easier-to-market antiquity.
I don't get the rationale of changing the hotshoe design either. The old Minolta one didn't strike me as being very sturdy (I was a Minolta user sometime in the past) but why give up on it? The Canon and Nikon flashguns won't work anyways, and putting a 50 year old "dumb" flashgun on a DSLR is at best debatable, and at worst might lead to fried camera.

At least I hope there's going to be a small adapter so that the existing flash owners aren't completely screwed over. But that's introducing another vulnerable joint in the system.

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