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Olympus to cut 2,500 jobs
[quote name='miro' timestamp='1338388494' post='18562']


interesting tidbits:

"will come mainly from Olympus's loss-making camera business"

"Investors in Sony and Panasonic, both struggling to turn their own businesses around after reporting record losses"

not great news for MFT
More interesting would be to know which section of the camera business is loss making.

My guess is on the SLR & the digicams judging only from experience : absolutely every newcomer harassing me will consistently ignore Olympus offerings, probably a good idea though, in favor of Canikon but most of them would have their attention caught by the "PEN", successful branding there... I suppose the MFT is going quite well but it's not clear the income is so high?

But the rather aggressive advertising campaigns (not as big as SONY) and a brand that people start to know probably makes MFT a safer bet than other sections.

So far, not too worried but then, when shareholders start "analyzing", we can only tremble in fear <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />.

The tidbits are cropped a bit too much out of their context and are misleading. Sony & Panasonic having lost much in their TV sectors. It's not giving you any indication on the camera market as a whole.

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