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Canon EOS 60D vs. 7D
[quote name='sleepless619' timestamp='1327885699' post='15292']

I know that the 7D has dual DIGIC 4 image processors with 14-bit processing, which allows it to shoot at 8 fps compared to th 60D with 5.3 fps (Does this also effect video?). Also, the 7D has the magnesium alloy body making it weather proof. Do these two differences really justify a $400 price difference. Are the photos and videos going to be noticeably different?


The 60D focuses as fast as the 7D, but it has less AF points and that makes the 7D potentially better at tracking difficult to track subjects (read: smaller subjects) when you track something that moves across the scene.

Of course, a more expensive body to manufacture and two instead of one processor do make the 7D more expensive, and justify that price difference. Whether YOU want the metal in that body shell and 8 images per second, that is for you to determine.

Two other differences between the cameras:

The 7D micro focus adjustment, for when you have a lens which is not calibrated well and you want to try to get it to focus better. The 60D does not have that. However, almost no 60D user ever complains about that, the 60D is a very accurate focussing camera.

The 60D has an LCD that can swivel to just about any angle and direction. Handy when you are using live view because you can't get your head behind the camera... Odd angles, above your head and on the ground shots get easier this way.

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