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The Laowa 9mm f/2.8 ...
Quote:Don't need to read, I saw it for myself when I disassembled the 15/4 Macro "shift". There are a couple of design decisions you don't do if you want to have happy customers. The mount is not well made, needs two times a push on the mount release button. The shift lock doesn't lock, shift itself has 3 positions and the lever is flimsy at best and so on. Can't judge about optical design, but mechanical it's bronce age. lens hood is a new record in cheap mould making. Automatic diaphragm? clickstop aperture? Nope. No one will talk me back to Laowa.

I didn't intend to ;-)


That 15mm f/4 is a different quality than the "blue ring" series though. But even those are still not fixing the coupling.

Should have add a smiley  :wacko: They offer some interesting lenses, some of them surely can deliver nice IQ, but I don't like to bother about their downsides - and no EXIF to me is a biggy.


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