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Forums > Back > Zeiss Loxia 25mm f/2.4 coming
Oh, the aperture is manually controlled I just read (for movie making).

Well, at least ... Automatic activation of the magnification function when turning the focus ring

Yeah auto magnification is cool but completely manual aperture is borderline stupid IMHO. I get these are completely mechanical lenses with no electronics (apart from distance and aperture readout) but what's the point? They'll all die anyway if Sony stops making E-Mount cameras. It's not like they are old Leica M lenses that you can use on and on as long as you keep CLAing the bodies.


Now we are stuck with manual apertures that you have to open up to focus and close down for photo taking. Because reasons.


Auto aperture should've been the way to go. It's a very basic motor or magnet anyway, nothing to break.

Regarding the rumors that Nikon's Z mount is going to be huge I'm somewhat wondering what this will mean for such offerings. Technically Zeiss could offer the Loxias in Nikon mount but then optimized wide-angle lenses for that mount size should be better (in theory).

I'm slightly afraid of what's going to come from Nikon. I know they can create great concepts on paper. Df and their latest range of compacts come to my mind. Execution is where Nikon usually fails spectacularly though. Again, Df and their latest range of compacts which did not even make it into the market Big Grin

I have the 35 and 50, unless the 25 is worse than the 35 say, I’ll very likely get it. For me the attraction is that their a lovely fit, weight, size wise to the A7 R ii. Manual focussing only takes a moment. I suppose no plans for testing?
Details here ...



Are you going to test one of those, just for fun? Smile

(although you might just as well quote Peter Venkman of the Ghostbusters: "This is no fun! I've had fun, this isn't it!" Big Grin)

Nope. Too exotic. 

It's real now:



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