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Hi guys,

Just a quick one,I ordered a Samyang 8mm fish eye (stereoscopic) lens for Pentax the other day and when I received it I was delighted to find that although all the other bayonnette fittings (nikon canon sony etc) are without contacts and communication with the DSLR bodies the Pentax version has one contact which relays exposure and aperture control to the body, so enabling Av (aperture priority) Optical depth of field check functions normally as does auto shutter speed selection. That leaves just a global focus to set and you click happily away! This is nice! Pentax owners often are asked extra for the pleasure of having no silent drive or stabilisation but this time the sun shines on US. Great lens by the way stopped down a bit,after having used it for half an hour or so I was having trouble believing it is a fish eye, used neither pointing up nor down the distorsion is very undisturbing. BARGAIN LENS; Looking forword to your new reviews Klaus.

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