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SIGMA 120-400MM
Hello Klaus and company,

First I would like to congratulate you for this excellent and VERY comprehensive site,it has guided me at a time when I was out of touch with photography, digital cameras and lenses.Now I own a Pentax K20 and a Samsung GX10 and after reading your reviews chose the Pentax 1.4 50mm, Tamron 17-50,Sigma 50-150mm and the Sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6 all of which produce excellent sharpness! At over 150mm I have the Pentax 50-200mm (samsung) and to be honest the results are very mediocre,so my eyes fell on the Sigma 120-400mm which you have reviewed on a full format camera and the results were fair to good,but given the high demands of the FF sensor and the reasonble price of the lens it would be really nice to see a review on an APS-C sensor.The lens is availlable in nearly all the mounts and is probably the most attractively priced semi exotic telephoto out there! I cannot find another comprehensive review of it! Just to add to the comments about lens centering problems, the Pentax 1.4 50mmFA is the only lens I have bought which was well centered, the tamron was horribly decentered at 50mm,I waited 3 months for the lens to be returned to me and only after numerous phone calls to the repair center,it is worth mentioning that I always speak to an engineer and note his name, it is possible that you might get to know him fairly well by the time the lens is returned to you,the 2 sigmas were problems and had to be returned,these were all EX(sigma and equivalent tamron) all lenses were returned well centered and obviously elements had been changed.Lenses that do not fall into the PRO catagory get a lesser treatment often returned with a note stating that they are within tolerances for the catagory of lens, if possible buy the pro range and you will have a much better chance of a well centered returned lens.This of course is horible that the lenses are manufactured with very little quality and now THE QUALITY CONTROL RESTS IN THE HANDS OF THE CUSTOMER!!! These are lenses costing hundreds or thousands of pounds and to see when reading your reviews how many times they are found to be off center is very disturbing to say the least!!!!! IMHO 2/3rds of zoom lense are offcenter resulting in an expensive lens performing worse than a well centered cheaper one.It is strange that this is one of the only products on the market which suffer from these uncontrolled regulations,difficult to persue any redress at a trading standards hearing. I have often thought about changing from Pentax but to go through the process of buying new well centered lenses sends my head spinning! I'll stick with what I"ve got. Thanks again guys Dave's cliches

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