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Another disappointment with Sony:software
Quote:A classic example of vendor lock-in.

If one sticks to a camera manufacturer's converter, then they a screwed if they switch systems or use other brands.

Much better to have choices and the same workflow regardless of the brand.

Well Canon way is a very ethical and efficient way to keep their customers: They offer you free software that works only on their products.

It's like a special offer with every Canon camera you buy (new or used) you have a free software bundle. Without any monopole plenty of alternatives out there.

For me it works, I am missing DPP and zoombrowzer..
Sony should really concentrate on providing a better customer service and updates on their software(s). PlayMemories, and multiple apps are not working on latest OS and so many issues.
Ronny Sharma
Appvalley Tutuapp Tweakbox

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