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I've just trying to upload some images, ufortunately without success up until now. The temporary score is 2:0 for new gallery interface.

I've uploaded and published one image in my gallery "macro". The image is visible when I'm logged in with my account but image disappears when I logout.

1. What I have done wrong?

2. I have already uploaded image in my macro gallery. How can I make this image visible for everybody now?


There ware discussion about this topic, but I could not find it in forum history.

Thanks in advance,

I think that the thread that you are referring to may be this one- [url="http://forum.photozone.de/index.php?/topic/1226-help-with-uploading-to-gallery/page__p__10561__fromsearch__1#entry10561"]http://forum.photozo...h__1#entry10561[/url]

When I click on your link, I receive a message stating that I do not have permission to view the image. So, I imagine that you did not choose for the Album to be a Public Album when you created it. If you click the drop down menu next to your name at the top of this page and select "My Settings" then select "Gallery" under "Your Options" you will be taken to your Album Manager. Here, you can click on the "Options" button next to your album and edit the settings for that particular album. Make sure the drop down menu to the right of the album name is set to "Public Album". If this does not correct the problem, I have no other ideas. Good luck
Thanks. The album was private.

Interesting. I have created this album at July 2010 and as far as I remember it was public album at that time.

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