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Forums > Back > Canon EOS 600D screen flashing after firmware update
Good day to you all,


On my 600D I still had the firmware which came with the camera when it was bought. I just thought I update it, just in case. I din't have any problems, but now since I have updated the firmware to the lastest version the screen starts flashing. As I can tell the the rest works properly, but a flashing screen is annoying.


Does anybody know what is going on?



Kind regards,



No replies, so I guess nobody came across this problem. But no worries, I re-installed the newest firmware several times since my post and after the third or fourth time the problems was gone.

I repair camera's and lenses for charity, this one is ready to go on Ebay or the Ducht Marktplaats. The above mentioned problem was just a small hickup, the real problem was the board with the card slot on it. The camera would not turn on, because the door switch was faulty and when is was fixed it did not detect the card, so I swapped it for a new one and hey presto: it work fine. I first swapped the power board, which I thought was the culprit, then the main board and my mistake, I should have tested the board with the card slot first.

Kind regards,

I just don't fiddle around with Canon's faulty firmware. Nikon's faulty hardware is fun enough.


Big Grin


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