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Canon still dominating the market
For now things seem pretty good, when I upgraded from my then 9 year old 30D I didn't check other offerings (otherwise most likely I wouldn't have bought another Canon) I just invested in the same system simply because it worked fine and didn't let me down all those years.

However I am remembering an important war quote " they can get wherever they can, it doesn't matter as long as they can't keep their positions" so getting there is not as important as being able to stay at that point, Canon CEO himself said they are lagging in innovation. What does this mean?

Either they knew where their weaknesses are and they are trying to find solutions or he is hinting for something important is being prepared.

To make things clearer: It's not as soon as an innovative product becomes available that it is on the market, the company might wait some time to give you sn example from medical world:

You all know pain killer paracetamol, it exists in intravenous form for hospitals, during the 90s however intravenous paracetamol (brand name perfalgan) didn't exist, we had a drug that once given intravenous the body transforms it into paracetamol (brand name prodafalgan) it was a little painful itself on the site of injection if given too quickly and it was rather slow to act, the company had copyrights for the drug so there were no competitors, the day patency or copyright for prodafalgan expired the new fast acting formula was released perfalgan, couldn't they launch it before?? Of course they could but that would have been a dumb marketing decision, you sell the drug as long as you don't have competitors, you launch a new better drug the day you will start having competition, we have seen this tens if times omeprazole and esomeprazole, ranitidine and desloratidine, oflixacine and levofloxacine etc..

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