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Sony a9 + 100-400 Announcement
did they publish an mtf on the lens - any reason to believe it will be optically premium. I've been looking at images folks take with the canon 400f5.6 vs 300f4 (olympus pro) and the canon lens renders so much nicer than the olympus lens (not sure how the pure resolution compares).

Quote:A9 X-sync 1/250 sec

That is reported for all the A7 series and a lot of the APS-C models too but in reality it only works at that speed with select Sony flashes. For third party triggers you can only get away with 1/200 and even that fails sometimes, especially with high power ratios so it's best to stick to 1/180 with Sony.
First A7 + Metz M400 works fine with 1/250.

Mine didn't with Metz 50 AF-1 and Godox Witstro/V850. Both best at 1/180.


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