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Forums > Back > Sony a9 + 100-400 Announcement
And now the stuff they didn't think were headline worthy:


-You can recall memorised settings via a custom button, while the button is held down. You shoot what you want to recall (ISO, metering mode, focus mode etc.) and assign those to a custom button of your choice. While that button is held down, the camera will act accordingly. So you can reach your MR1/2/3 modes on the top dial without changing the shooting mode.


-You can save camera and shooting settings to memory cards and recall from there. Good for ones having multiple cameras, right?


-You can set file naming scheme. No more obligatory DCS_ at the start of every single image.


-PC Sync port. Because why not? I'd rather have a proper remote/USB/charge port.


-673g with that extra big battery. Impressive.

The MTFs look pretty good here:



But at 2500US$ they better should anyway.

Video about the sensor - seems as if they solved the rolling shutter issue:



The sensor has a global shutter. So, no rolling shutter issues. The camera has a mechanical shutter with 1/250th sec flash sync.

Also worth mentioning: 4K using FF width. Looks like Sony has a processing power advantage over Canon and Nikon.


**edit: apparently no global shutter, but other tricks to speed up read out for "minimal rolling shutter".

The devil no doubt will be in the details again. Oddity: USB 2 instead of USB 3.

Quote:The devil no doubt will be in the details again. Oddity: USB 2 instead of USB 3.

Eh, that's the least of my worries concerning that piece of multitasking port but is very strange indeed.
No mention for x sync, would it be same 1/180, that's not enough for outdoor flash.

CMOS read line by line, we have no clue how electronic shutter will handle flash, for fashion and weddings we need flash, we need high x sync, any clue about them?
Rad stuff.

Quote:Oddity: USB 2 instead of USB 3.
Very odd indeed. Maybe it´s a temperature thing - USB 3 tends to run hot.
Quote:No mention for x sync
A9 X-sync 1/250 sec

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