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photoshop vs lightroom
hi everyone just warwick

photoshop vs lightroom which is the best for photograply, i myself like lightroom 3.3, it is early to used for working on my work
It depends on the kind of photography you do. Are you someone who shoots lots and lots of pictures and wants to spend as little time as possible on each picture at your computer? Then you are probably better off with Lightroom. On the other hand, if you love to work on a single image, pay attention to all the details, layer images on top of each other, add design elements, replace elements in your photo and so on, then I am sure Photoshop is your choice.

Maybe the following is a little to over-generalized, but it might help:

Lightroom: sports, weddings, travel, journalism

Photoshop: portraits, fashion, advertisement, fine art

For nature and macro photography, people like to use either of those I think.
[quote name='warwick' timestamp='1295468307' post='5664']

photoshop vs lightroom which is the best for photograply


There is no answer (other than a subjective individual one) to this question.

"The best" tool is the tool that does the job for you ... if that is LR in your case,

you answered the question for you ... if that is PS for someone else, well,

that that's the answer for that one.
And some may answer that there is no "vs." because they're using both.

Some things can't be done in LR (current version): Layers, masks, some filters, soft proof, a myriad of plug-ins, HDR, panorama stitching ...

Today LR is sufficient for basic manipulation. Some times the options are not suitable for the task, then I transfer to CS and fight the leviathan.

Ciao, Walter
The answer is of course: Capture One. ;-)

Seriously, depending on your needs there may be more than Adobe products.
I was strictly a photoshop user until a few months ago when I really needed a better DAM solution to replace ACDSee which I had grown to really hate. I purchased and so far love lighroom. I now do most of my editing in LR, I really love the non destructive editing. I do however still have photoshop so I go there when needed.

But short answer is you need to use what best meets your needs.

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