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Nikon D810 successor 72MP ?
Just came through this article. He is "assuming" mostly.

Dunno about the value of his assumptions but it seems D810 successor is on its way.
For diffraction at f/2.8? Big Grin Should be fun.

Given Nikon's financial situation I highly doubt that they can ask Sony to do a custom development of a 72mp sensor.

I don't think that the Canon 5Ds ® is a high volume camera - just to point to a competitor - and Nikon needs high production volumes more than Canon.

Thus unless Sony is planning to come up with a 72mp sensor for its cameras, I'd say that this is a weak rumor.

I wouldn't call that a rumor. A rumor should be based on at least ONE trustworthy source, if not several. To me this sounds more like someone writing down last night's wet dream...

-- Markus

"For example, Sony has been using their 42.4-megapixel sensor for years, and Canon outdid that recently with its 50.6-megapixel sensor in the 5DS and 5DSR."

Wrong, the Canon 5DS and 5DSR predate the Sony A7R II.

He can't even get the real facts... factual.
Currently, Nikon favors a bit less resolution sensors. Instead of going on with 24 or more MP on DX, they brought out D500 and today officially D7500, both with the 20.9 MP sensor. If I interprete the use of the touchscreen correctly, it's only for choosing focus points in LiveView. If so, that's pretty poor. Otherwise, it's a mixture between D750 and D500. Could have called it D625.  Big Grin Numbering becomes difficult if they throw out iterations every year.


Could not discover anything tempting in this thing. If I wanted to go APS-C DSLR once more, the D500 is a better complement to D810 that this D7500. One reason to go DSLR would be the Tamron 150-600 G2 and this only if I would want to become more serious about birds. For that, I don't care enough about them  :mellow: but for those who do: The 100-400 Fujinon sucks when it comes to manual focus. Chances are high the bird dies before you get it in focus. Pity that testers don't evaluate this and just go for MTF, distortion, falloff and bokeh at best - all that is nice, but when something is undoable for AF, like a bird in lots of twigs or behind some twigs closer to the camera than the animal, I'd really love to get a just normal behaving focus ring. In some AF-modes or setups it's not even reacting.

Higher MP are possible, but then it comes the question about lenses. We can see what happens when 50MP are used on full frame camera, only lenses above 1kg do well. Who needs that?
Toni, are you writing those rumours?

:lol: good one.


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