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New Voigtlander lenses coming for Sony E-mount

<div>MACRO APO-LANTHAR 65mm f/2 Aspherical

<div>NOKTON 40mm f/1.2 Aspherical

<div>NOKTON classic 35mm f/1.4


<div>The APO-Lanthar should be cute - also for APS-C.


<div>As usual - these are manual focus lenses.

where did you find this information please, in their website it mentioned only the Macro Apo-Lanthar 65mm f/2 as I am looking for 35mm E mount so in this case I will waite the release of the 35mm f/1.4

Ok I found the information , it is in japanese in photorumors

Thank you
Actually I found it on my 'usual' Japanese website ;-)
Quote:Actually I found it on my 'usual' Japanese website ;-)
Now it posted in the website Thanks.
At first I was excited but then I remembered that the 35/1.4 is Voigtlander's most unattractive 35mm lens and this is probably just a redesign of that lens. 40mm is a better focal length for me anywya, so I'm looking forward to that one.

Hi guys, are you plannig to test some new m4/3 lenses soon? Thanks.

The 35mm "classic" looks suspicious. Probably an intentionally under-designed lens for those who like the soft & glowy w/o shots ridden with every aberration known to man. Smile


The APO-Lanthar, on the other hand, looks cool. Even I - despite having professed my disinterest and ignorance in manual focus lenses - know that "APO-Lanthar" stands for "awesome" (and yes, I remember Klaus' old tests of the long gone lenses from that stable).


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