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Forums > Back > Old forum gone now
OK I've got the "Latest threads" great.

I click on my name......but can find nothing that equates to your link here:

.png cp.png (Size: 75.88 KB / Downloads: 4)

Nor can I find : Forum subscriptions....Subscribed threads

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Go here:


The look to the left - there's a bright blue gear symbol - click it.
You should see a menu to the left.
Then scroll the menu downwards (not the page) - you should find the two subscription related links at the bottom of the menu.

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Thanks for your time Klaus I'm sort of getting there!
Is it possible to see all posts in the past week (or all threads with posts). In the bubble you sort of have it for the past 24 hours; the problem is if I click see new posts (it shows the threads) but if i don't read them all and come back 2 days later; it no longer shows them. To solve this problem with the old threads I could select today, week or (i think) month.
To be honest I'm finding this software (from a user perspective) to be not so great but i suspect effort to switch to different software would be problematic (or perhaps I'm the only one with that feeling).
I had a look at the source code (since it's not configurable).

I'm no PHP expert but it seems to me that the last visit of the user is the baseline - not any specific date.
That means - if you visit the site but DID NOT check for new messages, those messages will be gone from the new posts list.
Chief Editor - opticallimits.com

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
I can't log out.

A Picture embedded in a thread: Not working.

The color of the "Posts / Threads / Joined / Reputation"-numbers under the avatar picture are so low contrast that you could just leave this information away. That would save some space, as one line posts here need as much space as a full article on Trump's last dozen tweets in a normal newspaper.
Have we lost the ability to give a "like" to a post?
(03-28-2018, 07:21 AM)davidmanze Wrote: Have we lost the ability to give a  "like"  to a post?

You need to klick on the number right of "Reputation". Which is double weird: Repuation itself is neiterh positive or negative - and with that dark-blue text on a slightly less darkblue background it's like Hotblack Desiatos ultrablack starship... Cool

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