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I've found a new beautiful blond assistant !!
I found a gorgeous new blond girlfriend...........It was love at first sight!  Wink

  Here she is fluttering her lovely eyelashes at little old me.   Heart

   Eat your heart out "Lens align"   you've been made redundant!

 Sigma 150mm EX F2.8 macro.....wide open  (F3.2 at that distance) 

Frankly what better test for a portrait lens?

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Dave's clichés
Skin is too perfect; you need something with a bit more texture so that you can distinguish between sharp and fuzzy Smile
Which lens - OS or old but goody non-OS
I bought my non-OS several years ago - when many camera snobs sold their expensive FF glass and "upgraded Smile ?"" to small - system cameras.
Sigma 150 macro in mint condition for 400Euro with B+W UW filter
Non OS version! I paid the same.

Lens/body identifications aside it's a great lens............

BTW. On the forums I reached out to any others who may have had the same was confirmed at least by one other.
Dave's clichés

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