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Exotic lenses and vintage lenses which ones could be interesting ?
(03-27-2018, 10:15 AM)Rover Wrote: I consider my Sigma 14mm and "exotic and vintage" lens, since it's a film design from the late 90s anyway (and it's a miracle that they chose to add their freshly developed HSM to a frikkin' ultrawide, seeing as how many people are still saying that there's no need for AF in an UWA at all). Other than that... I really want to find that Industar I've seen kicking around in my parents' cabinet years ago. Adapt it for the heck of it if I ever feel the urge to go lo-fi. Smile

I used to own Sigma 14mmf2.8, I paid 750$ for it in 2005 when my salary was 400or 500$ a month, it was unfortunately prone to dysfunctions ans spent more time at the repairs than with me, once it had to be sent to Japan from Lebanon, and from France to somewhere in Europe, however optically it was as good as can be on 30D, I regret selling it in 2009...

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