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So what goes wrong with AF-S sonic motors?
The Nikkor AF-S 80-200mm ED F2.8D arrives.........looks well used but clean and no scratches or nasties....zoom ring is a little loose and turns easier tha any other lens I've used, optically it looks well centered....

   ....effectively the AF is dead as a dodo!  ....... No broken wires to the switches...

      Optically it looks great, better even than the AF 80-200mm F2.8  push pull....200mm wide open is sharp and easily well good enough for portraits at that FL.

      I checked for AF using the manual focus indicator in the viewfinder.....looks accurate at a first glance.

       I've been soaking up information like a sponge........manuals, utubes you name it,  one in particular popped up......for my AF-S version.....the problem, AF motor dead..."bingo"  ..pity it's in Japanese.

    Still, it shows step by step disassembly, the switch and circuit have to be un-soldered and the ribbons unplugged as you have to get halfway down the lens from the bayonet to get to the motor.  Finally the guys turns the motor by hand we hear the motor squeaking...problem found!
   I feel so lucky to have found that utube video..    Of course I will be filming the process for my re-assemble it..
The you can see what's in front of me!

     As it's likely to be, firstly, hyper boring and secondly, full of cursing a swearing etc.      I'll spare you guys the "agony" of linking it here. Tongue
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