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So what goes wrong with AF-S sonic motors?
Hi guys,
             I cleaned the motor as was a pain to access in between the toother stator to remove the dried polish....

  ...the net result is the motor chirrups like a dawn chorus in springtime.. Tongue when turned by hand..not good!

   I could not find how to separate the rotor from the stator as you see next to nothing in respect to the motor surfaces...

In the meantime I found a S/H motor on ebay from a spares company in China 129 euros!......I ordered it quickly before it disappeared!
 Received info from the forum;  the motor needs a few drops of acetone to soften the thread lock in order to unscrew I will try that later to see if it's a worn out motor or whether there's still some polish powder gumming up the works and re-clean the surfaces.

   So my masochistic battle for optical satisfaction continues Sad ...

  To be continued.....
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