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So what goes wrong with AF-S sonic motors?
Hi guys,
No luck separating the focus motor....acetone didn't work...I made in the lathe a rubber bung which fits perfectly in the motor tube and used a Nikon rubber covered lens mount cap on the other end...I got a huge grip on the threaded parts and really put some muscle into it after adding acetone....nothing!
So, I'll wait for the replacement motor to arrive!

In the meantime the same seller called me with the other lens he has on sale the; AF-S 28-70mm F2.8D again with an AF problem, this time the motor works but sticks at 2.5 mts......apparently it's the ribbon that comes adrift from the front inner barrel and fouls the distance scale blocking the AF from reaching infinity...another cheapie!

Luckily it uses the same motor as the 80-200mm, so when the replacement motor arrives I'll have two lenses and three motors.....

.......hopefully I might be able to take a photo with one of them......that would be nice!
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