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The next kickstarter campaign ...
It's almost entertaining ...
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3000 eur for a 105mm f2.7 six elements lens...they wouldn't have made one if there weren't idiots out there buying them
$2999 for 350 grams. That does beat the Nikkor AF-S 58mm f1.4 (385 grams, $1600) for ridiculous pricing by quite a margin.
They are so sure of themselves they intend to make it in Leica mount, Leica fanatics are ready to spend huge amounts of money yes, but not on anything that doesn't have the name Leica on it with a price close to Leica's own version, I guess they are overconfident....
The picture above is almost as hilarious as this announcement (or really any other announcement from this bunch). Big Grin
Meyer Görlitz became bankrupt:
Yeah, "bankrupt" because the CEO had a dent in his car. Fishy stuff?

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