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Found a new toy!
It 's some time I've been thinking of finding a budget S/H microscope, one of the things which was holding me back was my I needed a decent one that was good optically....
    So, on my favourite "le bon coin" site a Nikon stereo microscope popped up, three images with no model was priced at 49 euros......I rang and the guy told me it was his late father's and he knew nothing much about it other than it weighed 16 Kgs! The postage was going to be around 25 euros and not knowing if it was complete I decided to go and see for myself.....220 Kms away in Marseille....
 When I got there he told me his phone hadn't stopped ringing and the net result was I got it for 80 euros and it's a beast of a thing in die cast aluminium, it zooms from 0.8- 4.0 X and the eyepieces are X10 magnification.
  Nice for super tiny critters!

 It also came with some sort of flexible cabled unit with a aluminium collar, that looks to be maybe something to do with ultrasound....see the image....anyone know what it is? doesn't fit anything on the microscope.

Here's the device...........the second image..

        ......any ideas?

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Dave's clichés
Usually in microscopes you don't look at objects like with macro lenses, the subject is retro illuminated and you actually see through.
Always microscopes come with an adjustable support for your subject, for focusing you move your subject, there's no focus ring on the microscope lens, focus ring is on the base and it just moves the subject.
My wild guess what you have would be part of the base where you put the subject, most likely it's a lighting device, does it contain optical fibers or electric cables ?? Does the round base contain any lamps ??? I think you bought just the optical part of a microscope ?
I think this microscope is aimed at industrial and low magnification biological uses..... as with 20X times eyepieces only 80X magnification can be obtained and mine are 10X ......40 times magnification.
Industrial uses are for micro circuitry where a clear 3D view is needed for the verification of solder joints and the like.
My interest is for small insect shots, tiny spiders and other nasties, the magnification is suited for such things.
Illumination will be an LED ring.

As for the maybe "ultrasound probe".....Nikon's association in the medical field is of course a worry!....

...God knows what and where and who that probe has been up......over the last twenty years?.....

It was of course with extreme caution and dexterity that I set about neutralizing any bacterial or viral inheritances that may have been passed on.....for the most part I feel my chemical attacks should appease all but the most paranoiac hypochondriacs! LOL!

Excuse my humour!
Dave's clichés

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