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Deleted inactive forum users
Since the GDPR is around the corner we took the opportunity and deleted all users who have been inactive for about a year (or about 95%).  We will delete inactive accounts every 6 months now.

Needless to say but we have no interest in the data stored in your forum account other than for delivering the forum service.
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So GDPR means the "grand delete profiles round" to PZ/OL ? ;-)
I'm probably on here more often than it seems. I don't get an automatic login when I go to the site. It's not until I want to comment, I realize I was here as a visitor.
6 months seem short; folks vanish for that long or longer at time - but then again maybe it doesn't matter if you are deleted; you can always create a new profile.
yes, it seems like 6 months is short. I think I have been absent occasionally longer than that. Even prolific Toni I think had a prolonged absence, or not?

Also, in the new system it seems I'm constantly logged out, requiring a new log in after a period. Staying logged in is convenient. Is there a setting for this somewhere?
I probably need to say something sometime. Something.

6 months does seem like too short a time.
(05-03-2018, 01:43 PM)mike Wrote: I probably need to say something sometime. Something.

Does it actually require that you to post something or just to log in? I very seldom post but I login and visit here very often.
Just to clarify - I will only delete accounts that have been inactive for more than a year and I will check that every 6 months. So it's about 1y+ of inactivity.
The deletion will be a manual procedure thus I will also check the "significance" of a user - e.g. I haven't deleted "popo" who has posted several hundred messages but he hasn't logged in for 18 months or so. The hard limit will be -say- 2y.
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
Maybe keeping all members that have posted at least once won't affect the forum and would be fair regardless of silence period
I won't miss posters with zero numbers of posts. Or with 10 posts and the last one more than a year ago. But I doubt it were 18 months since popo's last post. Unfortunately we can't look that up because:

Quote:The member list functionality has been disabled by the Administrator.

Actually we (no, your forum, Klaus and Markus as hosts) have 234 members of who 251 have been "Most online" - very interesting. How come that more people have been "most online" than members are around?

Of us still remaining members, all lost there "reputation" marks when the forum moved to this so far more ugly form, don't know about last time the forum moved to the former, less ugly appearance. Deleting dead memberships has nothing to do with fairness. If someone moved on for reasons, then it is like leaving a house. If I don't tell anybody and just leave, I can't expect my key will still fit when returning a year later. It's no big deal to register. But off it makes it easier for Klaus to delete spammers quickly, that's alright to melt down the numbers and keep the few who are contributing regularly. It's better than to force (or try to) members to go into FaceBook or whatever "social crap" could replace a forum.

And if someone stopped posting because he was not feeling at home anymore, he has my fullest understanding. I see myself also reducing my activities here, like others. I can't tell if it's more being tired of the time consuming internet activity in general or no more feeling at home. One part for sure is nearly no pictures -and the few have to be "downloaded", yuk. Imagine reading a newspaper and you first need to download the pictures or movies, that newspaper could as well close his online appearance.

just speaking of spammers: There's not even a filter for Kanji or Kangi characters? Restricted usability and open doors for spammers: Don't ask further why people stay away!

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