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Getting Sony A7ii, what Canon gear should I keep ?
This sunday I am getting Sony A7 Mkii, along with viltrox adapter and Sony 28-70mm 
I am selling my Sony A6000m
most of the use would be for my little daughter and some portraits (canon 50f1.4, 85mm f1.8 and 100mm macro should do fine. Even if focus is slow Manual focus is quite easy with focus peaking If I can do it with Helios 58f2 on A6000 I can do here . Dunno how Wiltrox adapter would perform, Canon 5D Mki is not usable on those lenses, in autofcus mode, 7D mkii does a better job with AFMA but still one in every three shots is misfocused...

The remaining question :  should I keep my 7D mkii along with Sony A7 ?

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