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Just got Sony 16mm plus wide converter
Just got this tiny combo for peanuts (60$) it seemed quite nice on A6000, tried it with a few shots, sharpness isn't impressive yes, however to my surprise it improved after adding the wide converter !!!! as if they were designed to work togetherfrom the beginning 
16/12mm f2.8 in a tiny combo that's quite nice with all the limitations, mounting the converter is easier than swapping lenses !
Sony relies heavily on digital correction for its lenses here the corrections are impossible since the camera doesn't know there's a converter, nonetheless the results are acceptable, anyway  for sharpness I already have my Canon gear, this one is for my wife,  for what she wants to use it  ( street photography, celebrations, and video) this one should do the job quite well.
They WERE designed to work together from the beginning.
If you are willing to pay a little more and don't mind manual focus, you can get the Samyang (or Rokinon) 14mm f2.8.
Samyang is much bigger, I like this one because it is tiny, I already have 16-28f2,8 on full frame BTW, got this one for its tiny size
Samyang 12/2 isn't that much bigger but it's so much better in every single aspect except for lack of autofocus and exif (not that Sony has the correct exif with the converter). Samyang is one of the sharpest lenses at that focal length in any system.

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