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Nikon: effects of a stereo microscope that fool the human mind!
Just to prove that life knows how to come up with "Gotchas"!........
 I received my cheap microscope adapter and cheap Meike style ring flash the other day and it proved to show me an effect of stereo microscopes that I would never have guessed at!
  In my customary fashion I made any mods that were needed mechanically to mount the D500 via the 42mm Pentax to 30mm microscope on an F mount adapter.
  I found myself a tiny bug (4-5mm) and took a series of stacked images, the result was a half decent colourful photo which I was happy with.
 After finding a dragonfly that flew in the window, I put it to sleep and pin mounted, I took a series of 30 images. 
It was then I noticed that the image from the camera mounted on the left eyepiece, moved to the left when focusing towards the rear of the object, at first I thought it was my image alignment not being straight on. 
    Looking into the microscope when you shut your left eye and focus back towards the rear, the subject moves to the right in the eyepiece and visa versa in the other eye. 

           Looking with both eyes the subject remains perfectly central!

   For stacking this produces alignment problems with more than a dozen images or so........

   The entry width between the eyepieces is obviously wider than the exit pupil at the bottom of the microscope so the light path is inclined.

   Another "Gotcha" in the world of optics!
One of the phenomenoms that are logical. Afterwards...

So, it's basically a shift lens with two shift outputs at the same time?

I'm rather sure, Affinity Photo can autoalign these stacks with no prob.
The image in question! 500mbs ?

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(06-04-2018, 11:46 AM)davidmanze Wrote: The image in question!    500mbs ?

So? Takes a couple of minutes with AP.
Per second?
(06-04-2018, 02:08 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: Per second?

Monsieur dave parlez de megabytes, je pense.

Big Grin

My god, this smileys are the most retarded gifs I have seen so far. Necessary or not: The forum software is just maximized ugliness.
The maximum image size you can post here is 500kbs!
(06-06-2018, 06:57 AM)davidmanze Wrote: The maximum image size you can post here is 500kbs!

Why don't you use a link to your flickr picture? That's how I do.

However, this shitty forum software (together with an Admin who doesn't care  too much about a dozen posters... ) works the way, that after posting I only see the link as text in the post. I need to log out to check if it was the right picture...

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