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New Batis 40mm f/2 coming it seems ...

An in-the-middle-of-nowhere lens IMHO ...
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Yeah, they found a way out of making a 35/2 lens that a lot of the userbase was clamoring for. Smile Looks like a "cursed" FL/aperture combo for the Sony FE users. Smile
However, the older Voigtländer with the same stats appeared to be quite popular, though for a very different reason (and as much as a MF lens can be "popular").
I'm quite interested in this lens, actually. I love half-macros. I love 40-45mm lenses and I'm more than OK with a f/2 aperture. Only problem is that this will probably be a huge lens and I won't sell my 55/1.8 for it.
The old olympus OM version was some what of a cult item. Never understood why but ...

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