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500/5.6 PF E announced

Plenty of time to start collecting money for this lens:
It's only announced to come later this year
it might be a good advice to wait until they fixed whatever there's to fix. The 300/4 PF E teached me a lesson...
Nikon already has the AF-S 200-500mm VR F5.6.......a lens I did consider......I was enticed by the extra 100mm of the Tamron G2....

So in the end I think Nikon should have done a 600mm F5.6........that's the one that is needed!
The Nikkor 200-500 is heavier and much bigger than the 500/5.6 PF will be.

I mostly take the 300/4 PF when I like to have a long lens and a light bag.
300mm FF is not that long at all though. 500mm starts to become interesting.

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To teach, taught, taught.

I wonder if Nikon took a page out of the Canon DO book, to combat the flare issues. Should be a nice lens, lets hops it is not priced like the Canon EF 400mm f4 DO IS USM II.
I wished, Fuji had such a 300/4 with 755 grams, ø 89 × 147.5 and with that performance Smile

Their 100-400 brings 1375 grams, ø 94.8 × 210.5 - and only 100 mm more FL, but with f/5.6.

Nikon's 200-500: 2300 grams, ø 108 × 267.5.

I guess the 500/5.6 PF will weigh around 1000 grams?
Canon's 400mm f4 DO weighs 2100 grams. My guess is that that Nikkor will weigh about the same (being 500mm f5.6).
400/4 = 100 mm front ø (no, it's aperture ø )
500/5.6 = 89 mm front ø (dito)

11% less glass? I know, it's oversimplified, and Nikon uses more lightweight plastics where Canon relies on magnesium. It's just: The old 300/4 was 1440 grams, the new 300/4 PF is 755. No matter what - it certainly would add enough coins to the bill that the weight reduction is even more massive - at least the one in the purse.
Still - it‘ll be interesting how compact they can make it. Most people can live with certain issues.

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