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Forums > Back > Samyang AF 85mm f/1.4 EF announced
(06-20-2018, 07:22 AM)you2 Wrote: It looks nice but bit curious why an EF lens where there are already gazillion quality 85mm; would think they would pick a mount that has less competition. Besides according to rumours EF is dead it just doens't know yet Smile

Because it is the biggest platform with the biggest market share by far, perhaps? And now there are just 3 85mm f1.4 AF lenses for that platform, where the other two are big, heavy and expensive, so a good opportunity to sell a few?
Big and heavy, yes, but between the Sigma and the Otus is plenty of money left to get some other lenses, too Smile Even between the Sigma and the Canon is some money left...

I was surprised to see the lens is only for Canon. At least for Sony it would make some sense?
I reckon Samyang will release a Sony FE version in the near future.

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(06-20-2018, 07:42 PM)thxbb12 Wrote: I reckon Samyang will release a Sony FE version in the near future.

It will prolly be a different optical scheme though.
Well, looks like EPhotoZine is the new Lenstip (as in: they beat everyone else to reviewing the just-released lenses). If only I could trust their results more, though... I mean, this lens looks outlandishlying good even at f/1.4... on a 5DSR!
Dat CA tho... (however they're usefully minimal at the widest aperture, and if I had had this lens, I doubt I would've cared squat about it even having apertures past f/2.8... I have a 70-200 for that).
Samyang's own MTFs suggest a generally reduced albeit fairly even performance at f/1.4 and great results at f/8.
That seems to be typical for many of their lenses (based on our tests).
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Well, Klaus, only one way to find out. [Image: icon_deal.gif]

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