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Nikon mirrorless system end of the month ???
If you have a decent range of Nikon lenses and you want to go mirror-less (for whatever reason) you can sell your lenses on ebay (or wherever) and lose yourself a colossal bunch of money................. and struggle to feel good about life!

If you have a decent range of Canon glass you can buy yourself a Sony and the appropriate adapter and get full feature usage on your A7 or whatever.

At the moment you get very poor performance with Nikkor lenses on Sony so you are forced to buy new lenses.

If Nikon produces a good adapter, which given it's their proprietary mount should not cause problem, then you will be able to use Nikkor glass on your new Nikon ML.........

All of a sudden those "oh so lowly adapters" look like they have been heaven sent!

How else are you going to take pictures with your favourite wide aperture focal length lens........wait a few years while Nikon gets round to producing one?

I find it puzzling that given a new ML camera everybody assumes we are going to rush out ten grand plus on lenses!

Adapters are essential at the launch of a new ML when the lenses are just not there otherwise!
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