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Nikon mirrorless system end of the month ???
(07-08-2018, 11:01 AM)Klaus Wrote: The thing is - Nikon Z is a different system than Nikon F. Nikon CX had nothing to do with F mount either.
Same goes for Canon EOS M vs EOS EF(-S).

Nikon Z will start with 2 cameras and 3 lenses - I wouldn't even call that a system. No ultra-wide options and no tele lenses at all.
I'm sure that Nikon Z will reach greatness ... in 3-5 years ... but not at launch.

   Hence the imperative need for a fully functional adapter! will be probably usable only with electronic aperture lenses ......a significant drawback for Nikon ......can't see an aperture lever being fitted in an adapter.

Derr.....I've only got two G2 + the AF-P kit lens!

I didn't want a new Nikon ML anyway......ha ha!
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