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What to get: Sony 50mmf1.8 OSS or FE50f1.8 or adapter??
I am using more and more my A6000, I need a portrait lens, for the moment I am using Helios 58mmf2.0 it's manual focus and not a good performer, my choices:
Sony 50mmf1.8 OSS
Sony FE 50mmf1.8 I expect it to be better on the borders, however OSS should be handy.
Sony to Canon adapter, this way I can use my 50f1.4 85f1.8 and of course the excellent Canon 17-55f2.8 IS
In my shoes what would you get ?
The Sony APS-C lineup sucks so I'd either go for the Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA or the Sony FE 50mm f/1.8.
Both are FF but if one day you switch to a FF Alpha body you'll already have a normal lens.
The first one is obviously better albeit at a much higher price tag. If you don't mind the slow AF, the 50mm sounds like a good value.

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50/1.8 OSS: Don't you already have one?
50/1.8 FE: Very slow and noisy AF but you may like that. It's like an old Canon EF 50/1.8.
Adapting Canon lenses: Just don't. Please. Especially not a 17-55/2.8.

I thought you were more into 85mm now. Why don't you just get the Sony 85/1.8? It's quite good.
Sony 50f1.8 is for Dany not me, but at the local photography club we often share equipment. Tried it and it's fine.
Yes I am more into 85 but Sony version isn't stabilized. So i would go for the 50, it's half price anyway.
And I have a deal with wife: For every dollar spent on camera gear, she gets 2$ jewelry.....

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