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The Sony 70-200mm GM ...
... arrived in the lab. That is besides 2xLxx and 1x Cxx and another Sxx lens. ;-)
Lol, Con and Sex?
I think, I will go now and get 4 or 5 Aliases. One never knows who hides behind "forum".

It's Light, Contrast and Shutter, no? Or Linhof, Contax and Soligor, as OL wants to dive in the dust of history.
(07-17-2018, 11:55 AM)forum Wrote: ... arrived in the lab. That is besides 2xLxx and 1x Cxx and another Sxx lens. ;-)

Wow,It's a debated lens. Some website (such as lensrental) think it is lower than Canon 70-200 II, another (DXO) say it is better than  canon's  glass.
Waitting for the test results.
DXOmark tests are garbage, basically.
Well, all I can say for now is that it seems to be well centered. ;-)
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A good thing this review will be discussed in almost any photography community on this planet, practically what I am expecting is a close call.
Both lenses are excellent and differences are minor.
The question is will Sony rely on digital correction even in high end lenses ?? the lens would have exceptional resolution figures throughout the range at the cost of some vignetting or distortions that are easy to correct
What's wrong with digital corrections in a digital age?
Distortion corrections cut resolution.
Tehnically speaking, yes but in real world? What if there is plenty of resolution to work with? Unless it's really excessive corrections, I don't think there's any decrease in resolution that would be noticable except for in some careful lab testing scenarios.

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