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EOS R leaked with pictures
I can certainly understand what Klaus is reffering to.;-) 1,5 kg normal zoom lens, which even cannot cover portraits reaching only to 70 mm. Well... a couple of good primes can go a long way.
However, credit to Canon to choose less ridiculous approach than Nikon... :-)
24-70f2 is not that exotic, I can already see wedding photographers getting it, I expect it to sell very well
There won't be a 24-70mm f2 from Canon.
Not sure why everyone says "24-70/2" when it's going to be a 28-70.
Full specs on EOS R:

So, one model to introduce platform instead of 2 (Sony, Nikon), no IBIS, probably awesome AF (-6 EV with 50mm f1.2 at ISO 100, Canon's PD AF, 5655 AF points when selected with cross keys). Another thing I noticed: similar start up time as my former EOS 450D and my 6D (almost instant): 0.9 sec. Much better than my EOS M.
About that AF we should wait to conclude until real life tests with production models are available. I'm also worried that Nikon will fall short with that, but the demo on Friday was indoors, cloudy outside and the windows very small, not much artificial light (except a setup with one of the new Phase One IQ4) and genuine lenses as well as my 135 and 14 Sigma were pretty snappy, especially with AF-C. And as far as I know, firmware can improve AF. Although it's better if it works great from the beginning. Startup time felt (I didn't clock it) the same like D850. Maybe because I always wait to look through the finder until top-display gets active?

Anyway, Canon's dual pixel AF was ahead before and will not become worse if it has to drive in continuous LiveView dedicated lenses.

Nikon's fanboys-league is very relieved that EOS R also relies on only one card. Which is a slow SD-card *yawn*, having apparently no future at all *yawn*. Nikon fanboys might be careful as the Z7 doesn't take benefit of the fast writing speed - the buffer is slowing down after 20 shots os so... .
My observations so far:
  • The lack of IBIS is a major bummer
  • What is the resolution of the EVF?
  • 5'655 AF points seems a bit crazy and who really needs it?
  • AF is very likely better than Nikon's
  • The 28-70 f2 lens is a monster but given the f2 aperture and the range, it's not surprising and actually not too bad. That said I'd take three compact f2 primes over it any day (28, 35, 50)
  • The 35 f1.8 is nice and compact
  • The 50 f1.2 is big but it was expected given the f1.2 aperture. IQ will probably be impressive.
To me the 24-105 f4 + 35 f1.8 is already a nice everyday kit. You get a standard zoom with a very useful range plus a low light lens with the 35. For portrait 105 @ f4 is pretty nice.

The only downside to the Canon system is the lack of IBIS. You would think that during all these years they would have had enough time to develop IBIS like Nikon. It really sucks to have IS in lenses, except for long ones (> 200mm).

To me Nikon has the better body and Canon the better lenses.
Ahaha, tough choice!

Flickr gallery
Like I sometimes said when the rumours of Z-series came in and a lot of people draw their "conclusions" with an overdose of " probably", "most likely" "for sure we'll see": why not wait those couple of days to see what's the explanation of the manufacturer (although Nikon doesn't explain their dumb battery box...).

What did we do in times with no IBIS and only one card-slot? Sitting around the fire in our caves and used the walls to draw the latest selfies with the big mammoth?
On the RF lenses, notice the 2nd or 3rd (zoom lens) ring, the "control ring". It will allow you to control settings from the lens with your other hand. Possibly one of the 3 adapters will also offer a "control ring", giving similar functionality when using EF lenses.
Same design feature with Nikon Z lenses. The focus ring can be also used as a kind of function ring for aperture or exposure compensation but I was wondering if that's such a good idea. the aperture rings on Fuji glass, as celebrated as they are, are rather cumbersome to use on the 100-400 because the focus ring is far away and at a point I was running out of hands to manoeuvre it.

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