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New Sigmas are coming ...
Sigma lenses lately invite for making fun out of it, it brings the word ".... and a ton of glass" to the question "in one or two bags?".

Looking at the (strange and outer space) world of their cine lenses, we got the 40 mm in it's light version. As a cine lens and depending of the mount, it ranges from 1470 to 1620 grams: I just wanted to mention something "great I will finance their cine R&D with buying primes", but at the moment I suspect, the new lenses are just side-jobs from the cine-lens development. Is there such a big market for still not cheap cine lenses?

Basically, the word "lightweight" does exist in Sigma's terminology: "Lightweight is a desirable characteristic for interchangeable lenses and provides an advantage over other manufacturer’s products especially with relatively large mass telephoto lenses." So they say in the warm words about the opening a new branch of their company to manufacture magnesium alloy parts (cheap grounds in Fukushima province? I wonder when Geiger counters will belong to lens tester equipments... sorry for being sarcastic). The new Bigma will have these magnesium alloy parts as well as the 70-200/2.8.
With magnesium alloy lens elements, I bet the T-stop of the new Bigma will be quite low Big Grin

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