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Jared Polin on Canon vs Nikon vs Sony FF mirrorless
Could you summarize? my half year contingent of watching Jared's video is exceeded, more would be a risk like ... wearing a skirt in front of D. Trump? Did he (Jared) smoke a second card slot?  Shy
Haha...Yeah, he is tiresome. What I got from it: The Nikon and Canon feel/handle MUCH better than the Sony range, shape/controls/size/materials wise, with the R feeling the best/best grip. The Nikon and especially the Canon have great EVFs, something he is not used to with Sonys, with a higher res. feel, better way of showing which AF points are being used, especially the Canon felt to him like an OVF. The rest was blah blah about while Sony has the biggest lens line up and so on, if you understand photography you can make great photos with all 3, with any camera.
Thanks for summing it up. At the moment it's not only him getting tiresome. Nasim Mansurov i.e. also puts on after another article on his site, comparisons, missed features, waht to expect from the future, blabla.

I expect from the future just that it will happen. And those are just cameras...
Dunno, I looked at the Canon R body and I thought "what a mess". Not that I'd be getting onto this bandwagon anyway (I've just purchased a second DSLR camera and, well, I'm getting well pleased by these two beauties to think about opting out. Big Grin)
"mess"? I don't see the EOS R as a mess, except that weird button to activate the focus points to move, but the rest looks pretty well thought.
I don't really see the "mess" either... And I am not a "mirrorless fan". For what it is, it looks pretty well put together.

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