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Irix 150mm f/2.8 Macro announced
Sorry, JoJu - still no AF ;-)

See attachment

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No problem, I'll leave that lens to the documenters of stamp- or coin-collections. To the Zeiss customers, follwing the Zeiss dogma of "Non AF is always best". But who only get sharp shots as they only shoot static objects from tripod and miss a 150 mm macro in the Zeiss lineup.

At least, Irix managend to include EXIF data. For a short while, that is. Until one springloaded contact pin remains recessed and the lens has to go to Poland for months. My 11/4 went there beginning of August. No sign of progress ever since. That's not the way to make me a convinced Irix customer - one reason more not to be interested to waste more money on that brand. Nice concept ideas, badly transformed (contact pins are hardly rocket science) and slow service. Sounds like loads of fun...

But the lens itself is beautifully designed, tripod collar with Arca foot (thank you, Tamron, for bringing this detail into fashion!) and good looking MTF. They're not going on with firefly and blackstone type of finish (plastic or metal) but now come up with a more sensible combination of both called dragonfly (as there are many many insect names, they will not run out of concept titles. I'll wait for a bumblebee shift lens...).

At the monent, if I'd consider a 150 mm Macro, I would go for Sigma and get the ability to do focus stacking series automatically, with electronic shutter. At the cost of a maybe less great MTF.

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