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Forums > Back > Next OL lens test report: Tamron SP 85mm f/1.8 Di VC USD
As if it's any better over here (though a few countries like Japan are open for travel). Ironic enough, in January we closed the border with China to prevent the spread, and now they're returning the favour. Fair enough given how the stuff blooms over here, while China looks a lot better (how much of that is due to possible forceful measures and/or fudged statistics is another question entirely).

Interestingly enough (returning to the lens) a few reviewers - Dustin Abbott for example - mentioned that their units had the prominent DESIGNED IN JAPAN marking coupled, shockingly enough, with the less visible "Made in China" inscriptions. I was curious so checked mine, and it says "Made in Japan" in addition to the bold "DESIGNED" lettering. Maybe some part of them are made on the islands, after all. Not that I've been giving much attention to such things, at least not for the last 20 years, much less getting my knickers in a bunch over this, but still...

The hoods are interchangeable with the 45. That doesn't say much though, since these hoods, oddly enough, fit another lens with a 67mm filter thread, the Canon 24-85 USM, but they're loose on that one (although I would've loved for the 45's hood to be shareable with the 24-85, seeing as how genuine hoods for the old EF lens are now impossible to find). From the side, the 45 and 85 look like they're twins, one of which has had slightly more hamburgers and pizza in its life, but from the front they are not as easy to mix up. Now it looks like I have a killer triple fast prime set at 24, 45 and 85, though maybe, just maybe, the lone Canon L of that bunch should best be exchanged for the Sigma A. I would've done that in a heartbeat if the Sigma had been weather sealed. Smile

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