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Panasonic S1 & S1R announced (development)
(09-26-2018, 08:21 AM)davidmanze Wrote: Just my, take a step back and look thoughts...

       I truly wonder about the success of this Panasonic/Leica/Sigma's starting to remind me of the internet bubble.....if you're not in ML FF, you're dead!......... the space of three months the whole of the camera industry is being turned upside down, not just by completely new products, but completely new ranges of completely new high end products, with most of their associated lenses as yet unavailable, but which seem to have nearly doubled in price.

  Three months ago all this was just rumours.........then in two months the whole future of the industry has turned around......

                .........what causes me to sceptical is the general air of panic to come to that is still diminishing.....

   My guess is not everybody is going to come out smiling....

   All in all it has become a spectator sport for me!

  P.S.  A new foveon FF sensor from Sigma?

That's a reliable poster, this dave, but I think you're teasing a bit: less than 100 dots is no valid panic Big Grin

Three months ago not many saw a collaboration of Sigma together with Panasonic and Leica, a revival of Foveon in FF, new counterweights for tripod stabilisation called "Art lenses", Capture One finally opening up to their baby MF competition. Although the owners of rumors sites had busy times (and the Fuji dude is playing photokina guerrilla, it must be very hard for him not to get access like real journalists :/ ) before Photokina, the only panic reason I see is not knowing where to throw the money at. There were boring Photokinas in the past but this one makes it difficult to catch up.
...........Panasonic are seeing the new cameras for primarily stills shooting according to their blurb 70% stills and 30% videos......the impression there is they are very aware that in the face of recent MLCs now doing excellent video......... video sales alone will not carve themselves out a sufficient living.

Panasonic have been forced into this move way more than Canon or Nikon who have had their arms up behind their backs nonetheless!

At the third furlong of a five mile race, I see Sony in 1st place, Canon in 2nd, Nikon in third and catching fast....soon to be in second place......Panasonic are still measuring the starting gate with a view to get a reasonable get go at the beginning of next season.
As for ML feature juggling..... Canon's team are wondering how they can add IBIS to their mix, whilst pretending it was there all along..........
......Nikon's burning the midnight oil for eye detect AF and finding a way of drilling a few holes in the camera base so as to be able to glue on a camera grip socket.....all are shitting themselves that Panny has dual card slots along with Sony.......and Panasonic are negotiating directly with IBM on a super computer to calculate the probabilities of people movement statistics to guesstimate where and when anyone's likely to be in the frame!

This is a twenty hurdle five mile race........and like most horse races their is always a faller or two before the finish line......

Meanwhile, Sony is now playing "fine tuning hyper features" like birds eye detection.....and will no doubt add a flippy screen for blogging, the deepest buffer in town and any other feature in triplicate that one or other of the trio may have hoped to be the sole implementer of!

How happy I am to have a pair of DSLRs!
Dave's clichés
(09-26-2018, 09:26 AM)Klaus Wrote: Yes, there are too many systems on the market now.
I think Panasonic's move relates purely to video. They have been the dominant system for that during the last 6-7 years but they are now facing some competition from Fuji as well as CaNikon.
Pros are willing to pay more for a bigger format once the options become viable (they are not today but tomorrow they will be). So in order to keep their edge in that segment, they really had to go FF.

Whether L-mount will be a big success - I doubt so. But then what will be a big success in this industry?

I'm wondering which systems will die. Ok, Pentax - they are done. I almost suspect that Fuji is looking vulnerable now. Size-wise they can't compete with MFT and quality-wise they remain weaker than FF. Their GFX stuff is hardly mainstream. If it wasn't a religious market I'd also give a negative outlook to Nikon but then it is. Canon is hardly thrilling us but they remain untouchable due to their financial strength. Some may think that MFT is dead but honestly no other system provides small stuff thus I've a hard time to believe that they'll go away.

Well, I'm wondering what is the industry thinking. Yes, Amateurs have been pestering them for Mirrorless and Full-Frame for years now, but at the end of the day, how many are willing to spend $2000+ for a body and $1000-2000 for each lens? At the same time, the Sony-Canon-Nikon race to the bottom and their over-production have left the entry-level market as a wasteland: we will be buying the A6000, the T6 and the D3400 for some years still. 

I think there is still plenty of room between the sub-$500 consumer market and the $2000+ pro market. MFT and APS-C mirrorless cameras can fill that space by being A) Affordable, B) Small enough to walk-around/travel photography, and C) fill both the need for great stills photography and great video. That last part is important, because people will want an all-in-one solution, something that does everything their phone does, but better.

So, if MFT, Fuji, the EOS-M and APS-C E-mount are to survive, they'll need to make less f/0.95 to f/1.4 lenses, and more f/2 to f/4 lenses that people can buy on a whim. I think Fuji got that with their Fujicron range and the X-T100 and Canon understands it as well (though they need to push their EOS-M range).

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