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Sales in Japan
From the biggest photo store chain in JP:

#1: Sony α7 III 
#2: Fuji Film X100F 
#3: Nikon D3400
#4: Panasonic LUMIX G9 PRO
#5: Sony RX100 VI
#6: Fuji Film X - H1 
#7: Olympus Tough TG - 5 
#8: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 
#9: Nikon D850 
#10: Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Some unexpected stuff in there - but JP has always been a little different.

They also have a list regarding USED camera sales:

#1: Sony α 7 II 
#2: Canon EOS 6D 
#3: Sony α7 III 
#4: Sony RX 100 V 
#5: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 
#6: Olympus OM - D E - M1 Mark II
#7: Canon EOS 7D Mark II
#8: Sony α 7R II 
#9: Nikon D850 
#10: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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Very interesting.
Japan is almost morrorless.

Off topic: I find the silence from Oly kind of strange.
No single lens, no OM-D5 mk3.
Olympus tough TG5 making good sales despite having a tiny sensor, I own an olympus tough and it's a must have IMHO
Nikon 1 aw1 was a great step in the good direction however Nikon managed to kill a marvelous novel idea, were all Nikon 1 cameras and lenses water and shock proof system wouldn't be dead by now
From the whole Japanese camera sales figures (published in August):
I guess, the numbers always will variy depending on month and country, and after all they can't tell about the future. If they were only looking for high numbers, Sigma already would have had to stop camera production. And high numbers on the other side never prevented a company to stop production... also, who really cares if he or she uses a camera sold 1.000 or 100.000 times? If it's the right tool, it's the right tool and if not, high numbers won't change that.
I was alwis implessed how marketing guys reperesents bad news.
All above links shows relative data. The true is that ship contiues to sink

The development speed is far bellow  2000...2005 level.

I was searching for real fact data - how big is the FF mirrorless market?
I found this one.
it looks funny isnt it. canon smashes the whole FF mirrorless market with two crappy M5 and M50.
Does somebody have real numbers?  - fast gogle search leads to forums. The forums are fludded with canon/Nikon/Fuji/uFT fanboys
My question is how big is the FF-mirrorless market now and near future.  
My impression so far is the caon/nikon/sony/laica/panasonic/sigma are fighting for tiny nice in this market. the funny part is that instead of consolidating they are separating
- how many mounts we have now and how many cammmers are sold?
It is nightmare for the test sites like photozone - who is going to test all new mounts while the camera sells contiues to shrink?
Zero cammmers are sold.
(09-28-2018, 09:23 AM)Brightcolours Wrote: Zero cammmers are sold.

 :-) Similar numbers with another BIG full-frame mirrorless player

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