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Regarding the release of the ZX1 (and the Ricoh GR, Panasonic LX100II)
(09-27-2018, 11:55 PM)JJ_SO Wrote: At best, you don't need to worry about dust in the system. At worst, there's no way to get it out of it once it's there.

Is a Lightroom lifetime membership included? Smile

the leaf shutter is nice for people who like to flash

portraits for instance. Too bad the lens is not exactly for portraits...

At first I thought "oh, a very streamlined Sigma dp quattro".

Lightroom is free for 3 months!

Nice rear screen!
Dave's clichés
How does it work in future? Will Adobe keep on developing for the than ageing ZX1, and the few customers that bought one? Will they keep on collecting a monthly fee for software that is essentially EOL? Are you supposed to ditch the camera after a few years to circumvent these issues? Or will Adobe give you the right to keep on using your camera without you paying a monthly fee?
We've seen with many software companies first the big hype and then suddenly they loose interest or benefits, sack the developers and leave customers sitting on a usesless piece of hardware. Here only very optimistic people will invest in this camera, but also I wonder about the target group: It's to shoot RAW, develop them in camera and upload it to social network? So, what's the real benefit instead of doing the shitty selfies, hammering the snapchat or whatever filters on the JPGs and uploading it? Will be quicker and less expensive.

I can't identify a big enough target group to justfy this expensive device with a doubtful future.

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