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cameras with best color reproduction
Just read this article, dunno what you think about it, in my own expérience I would tend to disagree, he lists 6Dmkii as one of the best Canon bodies,for color accuracy tried it and no it isn't, Sony bodies are very highly ranked, my A6000 isn't a star in this field but could Sony have made such a progress in recent years ??

In a parallel universe another fanboy ?? Has a totally different story to tell

I tend to rake both with a grain of salt, what do you think ?
I've heard bad things about Sony from various sources. No comment on canon series.
The 6D mk II has the same colours as basically every other Canon 6D, so lets take Toni's remark with a truckload of salt.
Most of the problems are in the red band.....or around it.....

I've had problems with it especially with Pentax saturated reds turning magenta.........

Most of my problems have been reduced by using "Prophoto RGB" a profile found in ACR the RAW processing part of can clearly be seen to reduce the saturation of the red band by a stop...........

Looking around on Flickr....... the image the most difficult to shoot is the humble English red rose.........a popular subject and one which more often than not is saturated to the point of having no remaining detail left in the petals!

If you have red band problems it's worth giving Prophoto RGB a shot!
Dave's clichés
I think that the average consumer get lost. On the time when we all measure and put on nice graphs few people understand what this numbers means.
I have questions to toni -
1. Do you search for camera that reproduceses the same colour as your have seen at this momment with your own eyes?
2. Do you take into account that your image will be seen in different condition?

For my workflow your question is irrelevant.
1. Fine art print
- I shoot RAW and adjust the colors according to the mood and ipression that I want to achieve with my image.
- I adjust the print according to gallery requirements – Type of light defines the Color temepratures. Intensity and spot form and spot numbers defines the EV

2. Product photography.
- I always shoot reference color charts before take real picture
I agree with David that non clipping channels are MUST for correct color reproduction. And flowers are difficult to photograph.
Check out other articles by that author:

-Fuji GFX was a mistake and Fuji should've gone FF instead
-Fuji wins medium format
-Why Canon shoots need to consider Sony
-Canon will dominate mirrorless too
-Drama with Hasselblad
-How to get medium format colors

...all of which were just clickbait nonsense.
(10-10-2018, 12:04 PM)obican Wrote: Check out other articles by that author:

-Fuji GFX was a mistake and Fuji should've gone FF instead
-Fuji wins medium format

Interesting; so Fuji medium format was a mistake but they won the medium format market ?
Yeah, go figure.
Some time ago ex CameraStoreTV guys made a video on the topic, JPG only:

In my view, a personal preference plays a big role here. Like Kodak or Fuji debate in the old days. Shooting in raw, I don’t find a big issue getting colors right, and find it easy enough to adjust if needed. Most cameras nowadays will do fine.
If you shoot RAW it's mostly a matter of the RAW converter anyway - that is other than WB.

As far as WB is concerned I think Fuji and Panasonic are good. Oly is a bit off at times. Canon and Sony are Ok.
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