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New Lord of the flies!
Hi guys,
             Lenstip has just published it's new review of the Sigma 60-600mm zoom that was announced recently........... beats them all !!.......
   .......the Nikkor 200-500mm....... the 150-600mm Sport, their "C" version.......

   .........the Tamron first version and no doubt the G2......

    Looking at the price it's based around $2,000......the lowest I can find in these early days is around .....€1900!

    In short it's turned upside down the tele-zoom market.........I see little reason left to buy the Sport as the price is around the same, the new version is also lighter by nearly 200 gms and no doubt has a plastic lenshood as opposed to the heavy metal one of the Sport which weighs 3.2 Kgs with metal hood. 
 Both lenses have a 105mm front element, the others 95mm[email protected]/
Dave's clichés
(11-10-2018, 09:08 AM)davidmanze Wrote:[email protected]/

Thanks for sharing
Sigma did it in the past too. e.g. Sigma 120-300/2,8 comes in my  mind.

As always, the competition is good for end user. As refference look at the prices of NIkon/Canon fixed focal 400+mm
Looks like an ideal option indeed, especially for birding, you won't have to swap lenses and very interesting also, for birding framing a bird at 600mm isn't an easy job, when it's already in the viewfinder framing while zooming is an easier job.
My concern about this lens is it's durability, the more the zoom range, the more it has elements inside, the more it's prone to have problems and lose some of its optical quality with frequent use, especially this lens might well be used in harsh conditions.
I can't justify buying it for very occasional use, however if it were available for rent here, It would be my obvious choice for the next migratory birds season
It sounds like a good solution with two big (but not fatal) negative. Bit high with flare; and quite slow at 600mm. Mind you i cringe at the weight if it were 4.0 or better at 600mm; but still resolution is decent. I wonder how it would scale with denser smaller sensors (fuji, olympus, ...).

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